So, it’s official.. I quit smoking

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I actually quit smoking over a month ago, but i’ve tried and failed numerous times, so i didn’t want to jump the gun.

Here’s my stats!

Can you believe it? Yes, I was a 2 pack a day freight train smoker, and to be fair, I have it recording my stats at only 35 cigarettes a day, cause there were those days when i didn’t smoke as 0_o

So, how am I doing it? Well, what everyone says is true, you don’t really quit smoking until you’re really done with it. What worked for me was going through my bank account and adding up each time i went to the store to get cigarettes.. over $450 dollars/month. That’s ridiculous. So, i put on a patch, and that was that.. every so often I reward myself by buying something awesome, not too expensive, but something that i would have liked to buy before, but never did cause i didn’t have the money.

So the patch is the first step.. lately, i’ve been really wanting a cigarette, so i am still battling the oral hand to mouth habit even with the patch on. So i have an electronic cigarette. I’m already a computer nerd, so stick a robot cigarette in my hand and i’m a little kid in a candy store. I love it.. I just ordered a new one with zero nicotine cartridges. So that means I can wear my patch and puff away on my fake cigarette. Will i look lame with a black metal stick in my mouth, possibly, BUT, its what i have to do to quit smoking so I’ll take one from my coolness level (which is low anyway), and stick it on the nerd

Electronic cigarettes guys, seriously.. it’s way better for you, it’s like smoking, but totally different.. if that makes any sense at all. I got a volcano e cig.. very rad.. it’s matte black and has a red led tip, and it’s an atomizer so you don’t have to fool around with anything, just stick a new cart on and your good to go.. or you can drip.. whatever floats your boat.!