Thank you Rock the Ink 2011 = Awesome

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Just got home last night from the Rock the Ink 2011 festival in Albuquerque. Me and Jason had a great time. I got some new ink, and although I managed to fuck up a few times, the crowd still was very awesome.

Irene and her husband were very awesome, making sure we had all the info we needed, and we even got to play a longer set, which is always a great opportunity.

We received a plaque for best acoustic performance, which was very awesome; AND they offered their services and time to work with us from here on out to get a record deal, which we more than happily accepted. I should be hearing from them by tuesday or wednesday of next week so I’ll definitely keep everyone posted on that.

Very Exciting, and me and jason were both floored, and in shock of the response. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE the music we play and what we do, but to get confirmation that it’s good and others love it too, is just an indescribably feeling that we’ve received at all the venues we’ve played so far.

SO THANK YOU TO EVERYONE AT ROCK THE INK 2011 for being so awesome.
Thank you to Josh, the tattoo boy who gave me my rad new tattoo.
Thank you to Irene and her family for being so rad and having a confidence in where we can go with our music.
And thank you to everyone that came up to me and asked about a cd, I’ll be working on that this week, and will have something to sell at upcoming shows, definitely.

Thank you again to everyone! We had a blast!!