I’m sick!! Its horrible.

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I’m locked up in doors, and probably will be for the next week or two. Hopefully i get better soon so I can get back out there and continue performing.
It’s been such a rush, and so awesome, I don’t want it to stop.
The next thing we have is the chicks with picks semi finals, and I’m hoping to be 100% by then. Till then, its chicken soup, emergen c, and hot tea.
Its killing me though.. its been 3 days since got sick, and i miss my guitar, and my voice..lol..for all of you that think I look like i’d sound like melissa etheridge, I probably do right now!
Poor Jason keeps asking when our next practice will be, but i’m so bed ridden right now, I can’t ever see an end to the sickness.

So if anyone reads this, bare with me.. I’ll be out there again asap! Hopefully we’ll be getting some gigs through the CWP ladies (who are awesome by the way), and i’ll have some real venues to put on the site. Very excited about getting back into music, its filling a void that i desperately needed filled.

Ok, back to being sick and bitchin about it..lol